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Online Thai Massage class: Size matters!

9 mei @ 14:00 - 17:00

- €18
Online Thai Massage Class
Thai Massage class over Zoom?? Yes!! It really works! By filming with TWO camera’s and by now pretty professional equipment, you almost get a bétter sound and view than in real life. And because you are with two it never feels lonely 🙂 So find a friend, a comfortable place in your home and Thai Massage will open your heart, even through Zoom!
Size matters!
What if the person you try to massage has a very different size then you? First we will look into techniques that will work if you have a bigger partner, and you are not sure you are up to the task. There are lots of techniques that still work, and do not require you to be extremely strong! Having a smaller person to massage might seem like less of a big deal, but comes with it own set of problems, so after we switch roles we will look into what you can do when you massage a smaller person then yourself.  Of course you can also join this class with a same sized person, you can learn the techniques and use them when size difference comes up.
There will be detailed explanation, space to ask questions, but also time to really flow in a sequence. Afterwards you get a link to the video from the class, so you can also follow the same routine again, some other time!
About Thai Yoga Massage
Thai Yoga massage is a form of massage where you do not only use pressure, but where you also move and stretch the body of your receiver. Helping the body to move again in places that are stuck and energy to flow where it is stagnant. The best about Thai Massage is that giving the massage can be just as enjoyable as receiving one!


-Class is taught online via Zoom
-You do not need any experience to attend.
-You and your partner switch roles, you both give AND receive massage
-The class is taught in English by Selle Postma

How to join
You buy your acces here, you pay only €18 for acces, so it is really only €9 per person for a three hour workshop! You will receive a ticket in your email with the Zoom link. If you don’t have a Dutch bank account, or have any other difficulties accessing the class, please send me an email 
What you will need to follow this workshop:
-A friend to practice with!
-A computer (a big screen is nice!), internet and Zoom
-A warm room
-A mat to massage on! The bigger the better, but at least something that you can easily lie on. Be creative: start with a rug, put some yogamats on top and ad blankets or a duvet. Make sure it is still reasonably firm, a real mattress from your bed is for example too squishy.
-Some extra pillows, to put your knee on when you give the massage, or to put your head on when you receive it.
-Warm clothes for when your recieve the massage, and an extra blanket.
-Anything else that sets the atmosphere for warm and cosy.


Onderstaand nummer bevat de tickets voor dit evenement in je winkelwagen. Klik op "Koop Tickets" om bestaande deelnemersinformatie aan te passen en de hoeveelheid tickets aan te passen.
Online Class through Zoom
Ticket for two, you receive the Zoom link ánd the recordings from the class.


9 mei
14:00 - 17:00
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