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The team

Selle Postma

Owner, Yoga teacher, Masseur

Selle followed the Critical Alignment teacher training with Gert van Leeuwen, founder of Critical Alignment Yoga, in Amsterdam. Since 2015 Selle is a certified AcroYoga teacher. Inspired by the teachers from the Sunshine Network she gives Thai Massages since 2016.

‘Doing yoga takes me out of my head and into my body. I knew from my very first lesson instinctively that this was good for me. In the beginning yoga was mostly magical and mysterious. Why did I feel so good after class? I have greatly enjoyed my teacher training in which yoga was demystified to me by Gert van Leeuwen. But still, there is so much to discover, that I hope it will keep me wondering my whole life’

Followed trainings:

Suzanne de la Fonteijne

Yoga teacher, Yoga on location

I have many interests, but yoga has been an important factor in my life for the last 13 years. When I moved to Wageningen in 2010, I started taking classes with Selle and I never left! Critical Alignment Yoga has helped me to get rid of (back) pains and has shown me how to deal with physical and mental tension in daily life. 

We shape our lives by executing tasks and by focussing on achieving results. We forget to take care of our wonderful, unique body that carries us 24/7. As a result we are often in pain or feel stressed. Only when we reconnect with our bodies and our feelings, we can start living from relaxation and harmony and live without restrictions.

Self-reflection is an important theme in my life and it’s a great gift to guide this process in my students. For almost 2 years I’ve been teaching at the studio and I’m looking forward teaching people the joy of a strong and flexible body, working from the Critical Alignment Yoga principles.

Bringing yoga to people in the work space is also one of my passions. With my tricycle stacked with yoga mats and strips you can invite me anywhere in Wageningen region to teach a single class or a course. Contact me for a customized offer.

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