Thai Yoga Massage

Thai Yoga Massage is also called: yoga for the lazy. This massage involves movement, pressure and stretches, just like yoga, but this time you don’t have to do anything yourself, it is being done for you!

The massage is a treatment where the body receives what it so often lacks: loving touch and movement in area’s that are stuck. Through gentle rocking, deep pressure and stretches the body is reminded that it is free, that there is no need to hold on. And so the body is persuaded to release old tension and pain.

A Thai Yoga massage is a journey through your body. It is a sacred dance between the giver and receiver, and even though one is active and the other passive, the objective is that both enter a meditative state where the body can start to heal itself.

In the end the massage is about communication with the nervous system and the more subtle layers of your being. Telling you that it is ok to relax, that you are complete already.

Thai Yoga Massage, some advice:

  • Wear clothes in which you move easily, with long trousers and sleeves, and bring a warm sweater/vest and socks. There is a changing room in the studio.
  • Don’t eat a big a meal shortly before receiving a massage.
  • Don’t plan a busy day after the massage, give yourself some time to let everything that happened sink in.


  • 1,5 hours: €65,-
  • 2 hours: €75,-

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Would you like to learn to gíve a Thai Massage? Every second Friday of the month there is a Thai Massage class in the studio, check the events for details!



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