Yoga Wageningen

Stress is part of life. But if body and mind do not get enough chance to recover, tension can settle in the body and become chronic.

The problem with stress is that it causes worry, and this worrying causes more stress. To find a way out of this vicious circle on your own is not always easy.

Through yoga we try to change this pattern. In this investigation your body becomes your laboratory. We find the areas in the body where tension is stuck and observe our reaction to this confrontation. Through the breath we teach the body that trust and appreciation are often better answers to our problems than fear and worry.

In this way the tension can slowly lose its grip. Flexibility returns to the spine and joints, which creates space and a more open posture. Strength replaces tension and the body feels more free, open and relaxed.

All classes in the studio are based on the principles of Critical Alignment Yoga.

Yoga met Selle offers weekly classes Critical Alignment Yoga, you can find the schedule here. Throughout the year we also host several workshops. Last but not least you can book a massage, to remind your body that it is allowed to relax and that it is free already!


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