Self practice is often hard!! It asks for more insight into the asana’s, into your motives to practice and you need a lot of willingness to look at yourself. The restlessness of the mind suddenly becomes very clear! There are always a hundred reasons not to practice and insecurity, haste and that harsh voice in your head can pop up. Especially because of this you have a unique opportunity to investigate into these processes. Besides that, having a self practice makes it possible to practice exactly what your body needs at that moment and it makes you less and less dependent on a teacher and a class schedule.

The self practice time in the studio can be a huge help in developing your own practice. There is less distraction there, you have all the tools at hand and you can ask questions if you want.

These classes are donation-based. You don’t have to sign up for them, you can just come and join.

  • Self Practice: every 4th Friday of the month 18.00 – 19.30