Critical Alignment Therapy

The therapy classes aim to relieve problems that are related to the musculoskeletal system: Pain in the lower back due to lumbago or a herniated disc, pain in the hips and radiating pain towards the legs. Also for complaints to upper back, shoulders, arms and hands, or complaints to the neck and against headaches the classes can be used. Purely stress-related problems can also benefit from this therapy and lastly you can also follow the classes to correct posture and as preventative measure.


Pain often arises quite abruptly, but is usually caused by changes in posture that have a much longer history. Strain on the body, often combined with stress, makes our skeleton less mobile and muscles over-worked. This pulls the body out of balance even more and causes structural changes in posture and movement patterns. Some parts of the body become stuck while others have to compensate and become too flexible. In the muscles a similar pattern can be found: some muscles become over-worked and stiff, while others wither from not being used enough. Because changes are slow you are rarely aware of this process, until you get a physical complaint.


The therapy classes help you to get to know your body better, so you will be able to understand and treat your pain yourself. Even though one good exercise can already alleviate a lot of pain, the true solution for the complaint lies usually a longer process.
Your first aim in the classes is to search for the areas in your body that are stiff. That is not always as easy as it sounds, because area’s with a lot of tension are usually also less sensitive. Critical Alignment is known for the specially designed tools though, that help you to find and release the area’s that are stuck. You learn how to keep your breath smooth and relaxed when confronted with the stiffness so the tension can slowly subside. Your body becomes more flexible so that the skeleton can fall back in its original shape, where tension is not needed to keep you upright. Finally it is important to build strength in the right places, so the body doesn’t fall back into its old patterns.

In the process of getting to know your body, you also get insights into how you deal with stress. Everybody who has ever had a physical complaint or injury knows that the pain itself can be a huge cause of tension as well, which often doesn’t contribute to solving the problem! During the classes you have the time to investigate how you deal with pain and stress and to see if there are changes possible in that area as well. Here you come close to the root cause of tension build-up: how do you deal with difficult situations in your life?


In a private intake I try to get a complete view of you, your complaint and your back. We discuss what the most important areas are to work on. I will also explain a lot, so you understand your complaint and the method we use.
After that you can join the therapy classes or opt for private classes. It is advisable to practice at home as well, to help resolve your complaint quickly.


At the moment all Therapy classes are taught in Dutch. If you don’t understand Dutch, the only option are private classes.

  • Monday 18.15 – 19.30 in Dutch
  • Wednesday 20.15 – 21.30 in Dutch


  • Just the intake: € 40,-
  • 10 Therapy classes: € 105,-
  • Private class of 1 hour: € 55,-
  • If you are a student or earn minimum wage you receive a 20% discount. See the pricelist.

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‘Think of these classes not as a quick-fix, but as a process which is slow and often comes with trial and error. Eventually it gives you more than being pain-free though, you receive a body which moves more easily and feels more free. Apart from that you get to know your body better and you understand what causes your pain, so that should it ever return, you know what to do, and you don’t have to rely on (expensive) therapists.’

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