Thai Yoga Massage

A Thai Yoga massage is quite different from other massages, because it doesn’t only work with pressure, but also with stretches, rhythm and stillness. It makes it an experience you will not easily forget, where you are taken on a journey through your body, and where your mind can fully be free, and go wherever it needs to. Whether that is full relaxation, to give you new insights, or work through past experiences.

In a Thai massage you get to know your body in a new way, where it can make your body feel more free, but also might give you insights into places where there is stiffness or where you have difficulty letting go.

But mostly it gives you a chance to relax, on a level that is difficult to reach on your own. And to once more, feel fully nurtured and supported.

This massage is a wonderful gift, either for yourself or for a friend.

Would you like to learn to GIVE a massage? There is a Thai Massage class every second Friday of the month. Check the events for details!


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