A series of 6 Solar AcroYoga Classes in Wageningen! WHEN? Four consecutive Wednesdays from 18.15 – 20.00 Februari 15th until March 22nd WHY? AcroYoga mixes three practices: Yoga, Acrobatics and Thai Massage. Together they form a practice that cultivates trust, communication and community. Come and join to connect with your inner child, monkey and therapist! To meet your fears and overcome them, to meet new people and most of all: to play! In this series we will focus more on the acrobatic (solar) part of the practice. FOR WHO? ANYBODY can fly! You don’t need experience or a partner. TEACHERS? Classes are taught in English by Imke Kuiper and Selle Postma. PRICE? For these classes you need to sign up! For six classes you pay €75,-, students pay only €60,- If you have prior experience with AcroYoga it is possible to join for single classes, in that case you pay €15,- per class, for students it is €12,50.