A Thai Yoga Massage is not only wonderful to receive, it is also a pleasure to give! A Thai massage is like a dance, and though one is passive and the other active, the goal is that both enter a meditative state where the body can start to heal itself. In this course you learn the principles of Thai Massage is a playful way. You learn the techniques, how to use your body, but also the Buddhist principles which form the foundation of the practice: Metta (loving kindness), Karuna (compassion), Mudita (sympathetic joy) and Uppeksha (equanimity). After 6 classes you can give a full-body massage. You learn clever techniques, that are amazing to receive, but simple to give and that do not strain the body of the masseur. Both static as well as dynamic techniques are taught. A big part of becoming a masseur is learning to observe: which parts of the body need your touch most? How much pressure or stretch can you give? There are no simple answers to these questions, but in this course you make your first steps towards more sensitivity. In the mean time you get to know your own body. You become skilled in moving around the mat and learn how to use gravity best, so that not only can you enjoy giving massages, but you are also becoming stronger, more flexible and more centered while doing it! Last but not least these classes will be cosy and relaxed meetings, where you can learn and enjoy, all in good company. No better way to spend your Wednesday evenings! You do not need any experience for this course, you also do not need a partner, although you can bring your friend(s) of course! This course consists of 6 classes on Wednesday evenings, the first one is on April 5th, the last one on May 10th. Classes will be taught in English by Selle Postma. Info and sign-ups through the website: https://www.yogametselle.nl/webnew/event/thaise-yoga-massage-cursus/2017-04-05/