A Thai Yoga Massage is not only wonderful to receive, it is also a pleasure to give! A Thai massage is like a dance, and though the receiver is passive and the giver active, the goal is that both enter a meditative state where the body can start to heal itself. Thai Yoga Massage is a practice rooted in Buddhism, and one of the teachings of the Buddha is to find support in a Sangha: a community. This is what these Friday evenings are for in the first place: to come together with friends, exchange, and practice with each other. There will also be formal teaching, where you learn new massage techniques, how to use your body and where we study the principles of Thai Massage: effortlessness, observing without judgement, being firm and gentle at the same time, being present in the moment and finding flow. Again and again we will come back to the roots of Thai Yoga Massage: Metta (loving kindness), Karuna (compassion), Mudita (sympathetic joy) and Uppeksha (equanimity). You do not need any experience for these evenings, prepare mostly for a cosy and festive evening. You also do not need a partner, although you can bring your friend(s) of course! Classes will be taught in English by Selle Postma. Dates for 2017: September 22 | October 6 | November 10 |December 8 Time: 19.30 – 21.30 Sign up before the 8th and you pay: Regular: € 12,00 Students: € 9,50 Sign up on the day itself and you pay €3,- more. Sign up soon, space is limited!! Sign up through this link: https://www.yogametselle.nl/event/thai-friday-2017-12-08-2/