What makes Partner Acrobatics so magical, is that there is no competition, it is about working together, trust, and helping each other to reach new heights! Join us for this 10 week course in Acrobatics. Internationally renown teacher Bart Venne is teaching this course in his home town Wageningen. An opportunity not to be missed! Acrobatic tricks have a way to suddenly working out when Bart is standing next to you. With exactly the right tips you will be able to do more than you ever dreamed of! The focus will be on standing acrobatics, both beginners and more advanced acrobats are welcome, all will be challenged! The course consists of 10 classes from 17.45 until 19.45 on consecutive Wednesdays. We start on February 14 and end on the 18th of April. Prices if you sign up before February: regular: €100,- students: €80,- If you sign up later you pay €20,- more. The course will be in ‘Theater de Wilde Wereld’, Burgtstraat 5 in Wageningen. Sign up through: https://www.yogametselle.nl/event/acrobatics/2018-02-14/ Any questions? Send an email to: info@yogametselle.nl or shoot me a message here!